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C++ contractor

  • Role and responsibilities
    • Reporting to the CTO
    • Work collaboratively in a small team and manage work streams independently
    • Three month contract, start by getting familiar with our regtech system by performing maintenance of current production branch (using C++, Boost, Webtoolkit) - mostly server side work, as well as some scripting for data pipeline.
    • Once familiarised, work on the new architecture.
  • Requirements
    • Experienced developing on Windows as well as linux
    • Fluent with C++ 11, 14 (and ideally 17 and 20) both for object oriented programming and functional programming
    • Experienced with Boost Libraries
    • Background in systems programming, serverside programming
    • Proficient with concurrency and distributed computing
    • Experienced with REST APIs
    • Test driven development (Google Testing framework)
    • Experienced with web protocols
    • Experienced with cyber security
    • Fluency with relational (and other) databases
    • Familiar with using git (having used a plus)
    • Some experience with Python scripting
  • Location
    • London, flexible working

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